December 6th, 7th & 8th 2019

The Biggest Balboa Event in Europe since 2002
Because of big national strike, you'll maybe need some help with car sharing.
So if you can drive people or you need a ride , use this link :




With the best Balboa dancers & instructors

6 levels, from beginner to pro, 1 special level for followers : technic & styling

Gorgeous super long Balboa parties... Live music every evening

A huge ballroom with woodfoor

Nick Williams (USA) Bobby White (USA) Bernard Cavasa (Fr)
Ralf Bernhard (Ge)
Edgar Cavasa (Fr)
Laura Keat (US Annabel Truesdel Quisao (USA Anne-Hélène Cavasa (Fr) Anna-Maria Bernhard(Ge) Celine Guitou Cavasa (Fr)
DJ Sandrine