In March 2002 .... Anne-Helene & Bernard organized the first Balboa festival in Europe

December 2017 ... THE BIG CELEBRATION of 15 years of Balboa evolution !!!




1,2 & 3 december 2017

The place to be

if you're a Balboa Lover

Anne-Helene & Bernard met Sylvia Sykes in July 2001 in Montreal. They took some Balboa classes with her, and felt in love with Balboa. Then they have had a dream : let's organize the first Balboa event in Europe ! Everybody told them it will never work, Balboa ? that's impossible ... that's why they did it ! For this first festival : "the Pink City Balboa Festival", 90 students came ! The teachers were Sylvia Sykes and Jason Christodoulou, Franck Balbin, Anne-Helene & Bernard. It was a big success, and the birth of Balboa in Europe !!!