We want to thank all the partners of "The Battle"

  Event Date  Place website offer
International Lindy Hop Championship
  Washington (USA) www.ilhc.com  Qualification for major competitions
Canadian Swing Championship
May 15th-18th 2020 Montreal (Ca) canadianswingchampionships.com 2 full pass
Balkan Lindy Hop Championship October 3rd-6th 2019 Plovdiv (Bul) balkanlhc.com 2 full pass 
Vin Sinn   Festival Exhibitor www.vinsinn.fr Vouchers
La Boutique Swing   Festival Exhibitor laboutiqueswing.com Vouchers 
Barswingona   Barcelona (Catalonia) www.barswingona.org 2 party pass
  Cross Over Istambul  May 8th-10th 2019 Istambul (Tu) www.crossoveristanbul.com  2 pass
  Sofia Swing Dance Festival May 28th 31st 2020 Sofia (Bul) sofiaswing.com 2 pass
Swing Roar   Lyon (Fr) www.gonaswing.fr/swing-roar