Followers, 2 choices : register in a track for a classic Balboa workshop (to have a better chance to have a place, register with a leader, in the same level please , or choose the "special follower track" for solo balboa, and work in a different way :)

level Solo : special follower :
you know all the basic steps and moves, you want to work on your technic , style and footwork.

Level 1 :
Beginner :

You have never danced balboa or just a few and want to discover the basics

Level 2 : intermediate :
You know the basics (come around, throwout,lollies,paddles,side steps,cross over) and you want to improveyour basics and to learn new steps & moves

Level 3 : intermediate/advanced :
You dance balboa since some years , you know perfectly all your basics, & dance on all tempos, slow to superfast

Level 4 : advance :
You are a experienced dancer, you know what make bal be bal, you know all triplesteps, love the more complicated moves, the craziest foowork, & everybody want to dance with you

level 5 : advance + :
You're a teacher, you participate to the biggest competitions, organizers & teachers know you and are ok for you to be in this level. You want to be in this level ? send us a vidéo or a youtube link.