Welcome to the Lindy Hop Week

from Saturday August 1st to Saturday August 8th

3 hours of classes a day, pool party every day with live music, all nigth party with a band and DJs, one free day with games, animation or sightseeing 

Kevin Saint Laurent (USA) Soochan Lee (Ko) Hector Artal (Cat) Jonatan Hedberg (Sw)  Jean-Philippe Delort (Fr)
Jo Hoffberg (USA) Young Kang (Ko) Sonia Ortega Betriu (UK)  Anna Rio (Fr) Margaux Dours (Fr)
       & more to come
Levels :   How to register ?

There are 5 groups with 4 different levels : intermediate, inter/advanced, advanced, advanced+. During the first day, teachers may change your group if they think it's better for you.
There is no complete beginner level : to attend the workshop, you have to know all basics, and social dance since some months.
There will be a level test to attend the level advance +


1) choose your week(s)
2) choose your accomodation in the appropriate page
3) fill in the registration form
4) Wait to receive a confirmation email, than give an acount by credit card (on the payment page)

Here is a first version of the schedule, more things will be added