Soochan Lee (Kor) Fabien Vrillon (Fr) Hector Artal (Cat) Zack Richard (Qc) Bernard Cavasa (Fr)
Young Kang (Kor) Lisa Clark (UK) Sonia Ortega Betriu (UK) Maryse Lebeaux (Fr) Anne-Helene Cavasa (Fr)
& some fantastic bands
Levels :   How to register ?

There are 5 groups with 4 different levels : intermediate, inter/advanced, advanced, advanced+. During the first day, teachers may change your group if they think it's better for you.
There is no complete beginner level : to attend the workshop, you have to know all basics, and social dance since some months.
To attend the level advance + you need to be recommanded by one of the teacher of the week: ask them before registering and send us the  email of the teacher cantacted with the recommandation.


1) choose your week(s)
2) choose your accomodation in the appropriate page
3) fill in the registration form
4) Wait to receive a confirmation email, than give an acount by credit card (on the payment page)

Here is the schedule