Welcome to the Balboa Week

from Saturday July 18th to Saturday July 25th

3 hours of classes a day, pool party every day with live music, all nigth party with a band and DJs, one free day with games, animation or sightseeing 

Nick Williams (USA) Jeremy Otth (USA) Jacob Wigger (USA)  Nejc Zupan (Sl) Bernard Cavasa (Fr)
Sylvia Sykes (USA) Annabel Truesdel (USA) Valerie Salstrom (USA)  Fancy Dougherty (USA)  Anne-Helene Cavasa (Fr)
Levels :   How to register ?

There are 5 groups with 4 different levels : intermediate, inter/advanced, advanced, advanced+. During the first day, teachers may change your group if they think it's better for you.
There is no complete beginner level : to attend the workshop, you have to know all basics, and social dance since some months.

There will be a level test to attend the level advance +


1) choose your week(s)
2) choose your accomodation in the appropriate page
3) fill in the registration form
4) Wait to receive a confirmation email, than give an acount by credit card (on the paiement page)

Here is the schedule : more things will be added to it !